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Pandora has opted for a staggered rollout plan for Premium on iOS and Android, with current customers first in line. Current customers of Pandora's free service will be capable of take a look at out Pandora Premium free for 2-months, with invitations to the trial starting to roll out on March 15th. Pandora Plus users will get to check out Premium for six months without spending a dime, which is one of the best deal any streaming service has provided up to now. Non-Pandora customers will also have access to the two-month free trial, and can click here to sign up for an invitation. Invitations will start rolling out in mid-April.

Pandora is the most distinctive jewellery firm you'll ever find. Introduced today, September 17, on the Pandora weblog , The Drop is the streaming service's answer to Spotify's Launch Radar characteristic. Each are smart playlists that replace weekly with new music that's based mostly on what you already take heed to, so whilst you'll probably see music from artists you have never heard of earlier than, you'll also see new music from artists you already love as it is released. Pandora says that The Drop updates when new music is released, and since most music is launched on Fridays, that's when you'll likely see the checklist update, similar to Release Radar.